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The Scullr rowing computer is fairly simple to operate once you know how to use it. So while its not absolutely necessary to read the manual to understand its basic operation, if you want to access all its features I recommend at least a quick skim of the manual.

Online Manual

Designed to be Repaired

The Scullr rowing computer is designed to be serviceable as possible. Simply unscrew the four plastic bolts on the cover, unplug the LCD and CPU modules and the whole unit comes apart allowing for the repair or replacement of the cover, base, battery, display and circuit boards. If you need spare parts just get in contact.

Need Help?

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  Min Max
Dimensions: - 12 x 11 x 9 cm
Weight: - 300g
Ingress Protection: - NEMA 4X, IP66
Rating Range: 6 SPM 99 SPM
Speed Range: 3 Kmh 30 Kmh
Split Time Range: 1:00 9:99
Meters-Per-Second Range: 0.14 m/s 8.33 m/s
GPS Signal Acquisition Time: 1s (hot restart) 30s (cold start)
GPS Data Refresh Rate: - 5Hz
BLE Range: - 100m
18650 Battery Capacity: - 3400 mAh
Battery Life: 25h (backlight) 50h
Charge Time: - 9 hours
Charge Current: - 500 mA
Charge Voltage: - 5 volts
LCD Resolution: - 128 x 64 Dots
LCD Diagonal Size: - 66mm (2.6")
LCD Backlight: - auto-sensing (dawn, dusk, indoors)
Operating Temperature Range: -20°C +50°C
Storage Temperature Range: -20°C +28°C
Warranty: - 1 year
Country of Origin: - Made in Australia
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